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Raymond Nelson offers expert clinical polygraph services to assist in the evaluation, behavioral monitoring, and supervision of both juveniles and adult who have committed sexual offenses, in addition to other investigative, diagnostic, exculpatory, screening, mitigating, and utility uses of the polygraph. Mr. Nelson is committed to the ethically sound and scientific use of the polygraph, and has been a vocal advocate for improved quality assurance protocols for polygraph testing in clinical and forensic settings.

Mr. Nelson strives to work closely with all professionals, including supervising officers, treatment providers, psychodiagnostic evaluators, investigators, child/victim advocates, and other court-appointed or legal advocates in order to provide results that can accurately inform decisions pertaining to investigations, clinical treatment planning, supervision, diagnostics/evaluation, and risk assessment/risk-management.

With varied professional interests including human development, psychology, psychotherapy, attachment and trauma, psychometric testing, statistics and measurement, physiology, and ethics/philosophy, Mr. Nelson offers expertise in the sciences underlying the modern polygraph test  (forensic psychophysiology), and is conversant with the complex issues surrounding criminality and risk, personality and relationship dysfunction, mental health disorders, psychodiagnostic and differential diagnostic considerations, developmental disorders, and cognitive or learning difficulties.

With his background as a mental health treatment provider with many years of experience working with juveniles and adults in both residential and outpatient treatment settings, Mr. Nelson is uniquely qualified to navigate the sometimes tenuous dialogue that exists between matters of empirical, clinical, forensic and ethical concern.

Mr. Nelson is available for private consultation, including non-privileged case-work such as on-going clinical/behavioral monitoring, and privileged or non-privileged investigative testing for diagnostic and treatment planning, disposition, or mitigating purposes. Mr. Nelson has made himself available for numerous training engagements on a variety of subject areas pertaining to juveniles and adults, regarding issues of mental health treatment, testing and diagnostics, and risk assessment/risk-management.

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Disclaimer: The information provided within this web site is intended for general information purposes only. Although every effort has been made to provide accurate information, readers of this information should be prepared to independently review and validate all information sources. Mr. Nelson is not an attorney or paralegal and cannot offer legal advice. The information provided herein shal NOT be construed as intended to represent any clinical or expert consulation regarding any individual case, though Mr. Nelson can provide such consulation if desired.

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