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Form Description
Authorization and Release Form
Client/subject authorization to complete the examination and release of information to named individuals and agencies
Parent Guardian Authorization
Parent authorization for persons under age 16, allows youths to review and sign the authorization and release at time of exam
Suitability Worksheet
Structured worksheet (questions written at 3rd grade level) to be read and completed for low functioning test subjects
Disclosure Form
Fairly comprehensive set of worksheets to aide in preparation for disclosure testing
Contact Form
Form to be completed for all contacts
Weekly Accountablity Worksheet
A thorough worksheet, requiring yes/no responses to many issues of concern to supervision teams
Personal History
Personal background information for polygraph referral
Medical Questionnaire
Medical information that may affect suitability for polygraph testing
Polygraph Referral Form
Referral form for treatment providers and supervising officers
Polygraph Questions Request
Referral information target issues - supervision teams should fax or email this info to the examiner prior to the test date
Refund Request for Doug Williams
Blank refund request form for Doug Williams' "guaranteed" manual on how to pass a polygraph

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