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Raymond Nelson - Polygraph Examiner
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This page contains mainly materials and concepts prepared while working as a direct care clinician with juvenile and adult sex offenders. There is a great deal of material that accumulates over the years, and more will be added as time allows. Some things are more interesting than others. Most are .pdf documents, that require the Adobe Acrobate Reader or browser plugin.

Structured Suicide Risk Assessmen - Presentation Material (flash) Training materials for 10-19-05 suicide risk assessment training (Flash Document - requires the free Macromedia Flash plug-in or an external Flash document viewer)
Structured Suicide Risk Assessment (.dpf) Suicide risk measure designed to structure clinical judgment along known (research derived ) suicide risk prediction variables
Structured Suicide Risk Assessment - Training Handout (.pdf) Handouts for suicide risk assessment training 10/19/2005
Accountability and Denial Ladder
A really interesting heirarchical and progressive model illustrating an integrated conceptualization of dichotomous alternatives at various stages of accountability (whew!)
Introduction to SO Treatment
Common Assumptions Not necessarily supported by research
Ten Principles for SO Treatment
Principles of Containment Treatment
Factors that Contribute to Sexual Offense and Recidiism
Advanced Polygraph Science - Training Presentation for Colorado SOMB Providers 12-7-2004 Handouts from an 8 hour presentation for consumers and referring agents.
A Developmental Model of  Accountability Shades of Kholberg here
Cognitive Distortions
Criminal Thinking
Cycle of Abuse Yet another cycle...
Elements of  Abusive Relationships
Factors that Contribute to Deviant Arousal
Justifications and Minimizations
High Risk Feelings
Guiding Principles from the Colorado SOMB
Checklist of Grooming Behaviors A long list constructed by a treatment group that I had facilitated during the late 1990s
Relapse Prevention Model from Finkelhor
Relapse Prevention Tools
Principles of Containment Treatment from Techeschi and Smith
Thinking Errors Re Sex Assault
O'Brien and Bera Juvenile Offender Typologies from O'Brien and Bera
Types of Denial
Time and Recidivism A very interesting model of an often overlooked paradox
Summary of PCSOT Testing for NM SOMB 9-14-04 Outline of PCSOT testing principles for the New Mexico Sex Offender Management Board

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